Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hello & Salam..

Firstly i would like to say “Sorry” for you all that who not understand in malay because Im going to write my blog in Mixing Languages (eng & malay) what they call it “Bahasa Rojak” hahahaa.. lol. what I am interested in this blog is blogs can shares what we like directly to internet user, maklumlah kebanyakan manusia atau people are now looking for internet to look, get & share their interest and other than that we/there can make money on what they shared & published to the blogs.

Let Me shared (What is I mostly like to do):

  • I cannot live without my laptop, fell like going crazy if not touching the keyboard everyday.. hahaa.
  • like to surfed Berita Harian & The Star.. want to get latest Local News.
  • Download Movies & Mp3. you can get Comment on me on what the latest Movies Or Song going to be hot during the current month.
  • MobilePhone, Malaysian called it “Telefon Bimbit”.. im addicted in this products. you all can get info from me regarding Software, Recommendation for buying & selling hp, Pricing (local market only) and many more but must be in Hp products.If you all got free time, pls visit my shop at Citymall shopping Complex. i try to entertain you as good as i can. Visit us at ER-Communication..
  • Click to Online Banking ( checking duit kalau ada masuk).
  • Read motivation Book. To motivating myself for future advanture of life….
  • 4D.. I am a good punter oso.. slalu kena tapi kici2 punya saja…. sekarang mau tikam tu ToTo MeGa Jackpot RM 13juta suda ohh (16082008).
  • Eii.. new business.. I am also supplying Sayur-Sayuran (Vege) & Buah-buahan (fruits).. so sesiapa yg berminat tentang Sayur atau buahan, u can call me.. Fresh vegetable from Tambunan.
  • lastly My beloved Family. want to spend more time to them bcoz all this while im always buzy my works. but anywhere -- I love My Family very much.. :)

Hopefully u all can support me because im still new in this blogging. any comments & suggestion pls send it to this “tak seberapa” kind of blogs. thanks..

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